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Sailing Around the World Stop 1: Fair Haven, NY

Bon Voyage Party at Stick and Rudder

When you work Monday-Friday, weekends are for sailing. Thank goodness that a 2 1/2 hour sail away from our home port of Sodus Point, NY was the perfect harbor of fun- Fair Haven. It was about seven years ago that Dave and I stowed away on our friends Jack and Melly's boat Horton and sailed into Fair Haven for the very first time! We were hooked! When we upgraded our sailboat to Lagerhead, we put Fair Haven into our sites almost every weekend.

Stick and Rudder Crew plus us: Andrew, Chirstine, Dave, Diane, Sam, Araya, and Margaret & John (the owners)

Fair Haven always felt like a magical place where all the people are friendly. Over all those visits we've made some incredible friends.

The day we met Margaret and John felt like Ferris Bueller's Day off. We ended up at a crazy edible party with bluegrass, hanging out on John's dock watching fireworks, and participating in a 4th of July boat parade. In between all that was a fall off the boat, wasabi peas flying everywhere, and a very soggy dinghy ride for four.

The memories we made there will never be forgotten. We had so much fun in that village. It was only fitting that we chose Stick and Rudder in Fair Haven as the location for our Bon Voyage Party.

Fair Haven Fun over the Years

Bon Voyage Party, May 20, 2023

The party was a bit crazy. It was sunny skies for ten days before the party and for five days after the party. But during those three hours 4-7pm, the skies opened up and it rained harder than we'd seen in weeks!

We were counting on spreading the party out to the patio. Fortunately, John got a tent about 2 hours before the party that Steve, John and Dave rigged up. Who needs center poles when you've got 2x4s, kegs and string!

Dave and I were giving boat tours in the rain. When we finally got to the bar, it was loud and crazy and packed. After a 30 minute trek of squishing between people from the back of the bar to the front, I escaped out the front door and set up all the food under the tent outside. That helped relieve the overcrowding situation. But we sure could have used more food. Four sheet pizzas and 3 large gluten free pizzas, chips, veggies, and 100 cupcakes didn't go as far as we thought.

We were overwhelmed by the friends and family that came to see us off. It really took us by surprise that so many people showed up. Countless people drove an hour from Rochester. A big shout out to the Shupards-Jay, Laura, Tori, and Xan for driving all the way up from Pennsylvania! It was great fun hanging out with you all the night before as well as post party!

The biggest surprise was seeing everyone working at Stick and Rudder in the custom-made Dave and Diane's Excellent Adventure shirts. That was really the icing on the cake!

We are Carrying Our Friends with Us

Almost everyone at the party signed this yacht that John passed around. The yacht will be sailing the world with us. We'll keep our friends in our hearts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind wishes and wonderful gifts. You all are wonderful! We've been working through our thank you emails. However, some of the bottles of wine didn't have cards attached by the time we opened them. If you haven't heard from us, know that we are incredibly thankful and humbled by your kindness.

And we are off..... currently, we are at Stop #3 Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Stop #2 will be told AFTER we leave Canada. Stay tuned......

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